Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


We look forward to having many visitors this weekend as we celebrate Mother’s Day.  We have additional staff coming in on Sunday in anticipation that many of our moms will be getting phone calls, window visits, and gifts. We will have a table set up in our lobby as we anticipate many care packages and flower deliveries.  We have an additional receptionist coming in to run deliveries to residents.  Thank you in advance for the creative ways you will celebrate your mom during this time of visitation restrictions.  Our residents look forward to the many ways you are reaching out to them.  It truly adds joy to their days.


We are still waiting on the results of the testing.  I did receive results for five of our Health Care residents.  All of them are negative.  We give thanks to God for the blessing of good health. We currently have had no residents ill with COVID 19 and no residents who are symptomatic at this time.   Our current COVID 19 status is that we have had no COVID 19 positive residents.  We have had eight COVID positive employees. Four of our staff who are ill are direct care staff on the Health Care Center.  Four of the eight staff have recovered and have returned to work.  We have had no COVID 19 related hospitalizations or deaths for both employees and residents.


As I continue to count my blessings this week, I want you to know that I count each of you as a blessing in my life.  Each of you holds an important place in our community.  I am grateful for the creative ways you show love to your loved ones, our staff and for the way that you have supported me during this pandemic.  Know that I thank God for the blessing of YOU!  If you have any questions, please let me know. You can reach me by e-mail at or 317-213-8430. 



Sr. Heather Jean 

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