Dear Families and Friends,


“Because all creatures are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us as living creatures are dependent on one another.” Laudate Si – Pope Francis

We are DEFINITELY connected to each other, and COVID has made us realize that even more as we await the time when we can again gather with our family and friends. 


When doing our routine shift checks, we found a resident that had a temperature.  This resident had no other COVID 19 symptoms.  We are requesting that he be retested as a precautionary measure.  The resident is on isolation precautions and is in a private room.  


We currently have had no residents ill with COVID 19 and no residents who are symptomatic at this time.   Our current COVID 19 status is that we have had no COVID 19 positive residents.  We have had eight COVID positive employees. We have 10 tests pending – nine residents and one employee. Four of our staff who are ill are direct care staff on the Health Care Center.  Six of the eight staff have recovered and have returned to work.  We have had no COVID 19 related hospitalizations or deaths for both employees and residents. Let us pray for the two employees who are still healing. 


Yesterday some of the sisters came over to weed some of our flower beds. They worked for a couple of hours and got quite a bit done.  


With all that is going on in our world, let us take some time to reflect on all the good that is happening.  I am always amazed by how, at a time of crisis, so many people step forward to help.  If you have any questions, you can reach me at 317-213-8430 or by e-mail at




Sr. Heather Jean

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