Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


In recent days, there have been concerns brought up in the news regarding communication difficulties in long-term and residential care facilities regarding sharing the facilities COVID 19 status and information. My goal from the beginning has been to provide with updates daily.  I have been sending out mass e-mails and providing my contact information.  I am our facilities communication point of contact.  I can be reached at administrator@stpaulhermitage.or or 317-213-8430.  I also wanted to provide you with other contacts in the long-term care community should you have concerns with how we have been communicating information.  Since I would want to be able to work out any communication difficulties that might arise, I would ask that you address your concerns to me directly prior to contacting any of the entities below. 


Another important person in the long-term care community is the Ombudsman.  We have both a state and local Ombudsman.  Their role is to act as advocates for our residents and families.  They facilitate meetings to try to help solve concerns on behalf of residents that are brought to them by families.  They investigate concerns and act as intermediaries to help resolve issues. I have listed our state and local Ombudsman’s information.    

Area 8 Marion County

Robin Kimp (Long-Term Care)

317-631-9410, ext 2253 or 317-829-3077



Marcia Greene (Assisted Living)




Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman

402 West Washington Street, Room W451

Post Office Box 7083, MS 27

Indianapolis, Indiana 46207-7083

Information/complaint line: 800-622-4484 or 317-232-7134

Fax number: 317-972-3285




The Indiana State Department of Health has also created an e-mail address that families can use if they feel they are not receiving information in a timely manner.  The Family Outreach email, , is now available on the COVID-19 Public Resource and Professional Resource websites.  This email is for an individual to report any problems getting COVID-19 information about a loved one in a nursing home or residential facility.  Information received in the email will be reviewed by an LTC surveyor. 


Our current COVID 19 status is that we have had no COVID 19 positive residents.  We have had five COVID positive employees. Three have are recovered and have returned to work.  We have had no COVID 19 related hospitalizations or deaths for both employees and residents.  We are still waiting for this week’s tests to be processed. 


Our residents enjoyed time outside today.  It was beautiful.  They also participated in exercise, rosary and video chats.  They embrace each day with faith and grace.  We are taking good care of them.



Sr. Heather Jean

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