Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families,


Today, Indianapolis issued a stay-at-home order that will begin later this week.  Tonight’s update is going to focus on the things that we are doing to prepare here at St. Paul Hermitage for responding to a potential COVID 19 case.  The Indiana State Department of Health is asking facilities to begin transitioning from prevention to proper response and treatment for a confirmed case.  We have seen an increase of newly confirmed cases developing throughout the United States and Indiana.  We are working hard to be prepared.  Currently, there are no confirmed or suspected cases at St. Paul Hermitage.  We are all Healthy.  We are working hard to prepare for the possible introduction of COVID-19 to our community. 

·       Staffing - We have asked “non-essential” staff to begin working at home if they are able to work from home.  This is to reduce potential exposures.  When possible, we are utilizing some “non-essential” positions in other capacities to accommodate the increased workloads resulting from the new restrictions.  In anticipation of potential absences caused by illness, we will be training some of our “non-essential” staff that can’t work from home to be personal care attendants.  Our Governor has issued a waiver that allows us to train addition staff to provide personal care to our residents.  They will receive eight hours of instruction and skills check offs prior to performing any tasks.  I am in residence at St. Paul Hermitage should a staffing our medical issue come up in the middle of the night.  

·       Supplies (PPE) – Health Care Facilities and Hospitals around the country are concerned about supplies – especially Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and we are no exception.  We have been taking inventory of PPE throughout our facility.  We have been working with Hancock Regional Hospital to help us boast our current PPE Supply.  During normal times we would have enough supplies, but because we are anticipating the need to isolate at some point one or more of our residents we are making sure that we continue to build our supply.  ISDH has asked that we wear masks daily.  We are grateful to have received reusable masks mas by my Benedictine Sisters.  We are saving our disposable PPE for use if we need to isolate someone.    Treatment of one resident in isolation for requires significant PPE.

·       Supplies (Food and other items) - We are also remaining watchful of food and other critical items. Currently, we are not experiencing any unusual difficulties with suppliers. We have ordered some extra items to make sure we are prepared should this become an issue in the coming.  There are so many unknowns right, but we are trying to prepare for any circumstance.  


·       Training – We have completed skills check offs for areas such as handwashing, PPE, and COVID-19 symptom assessments.

·       Quarantine- We have set up isolation rooms that are ready to go.  If some has a fever with respiratory symptoms, they will be moved to an isolation room until a diagnosis is made.

I wanted to let you know what we are doing to prepare, in hopes that it may ease your mind that we are prepared to continue to provide the very best care for your loved one.  If you need anything or have questions during this time, please reach out to me at

317-213-8430 or  


Sr. Heather Jean Foltz, OSB

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