Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,

We have very good news to share with you tonight.  Our resident who was ill is doing much better.  He does not have COVID 19.  The test came back negative.  Thank you for your prayers.  His family also expressed gratitude for your support and prayers.  We still do not have any information on our nurse, but I have been in contact with the Board of Health.  They are helping us with this process.  I will update you as I have more information.

Our residents enjoyed playing hallway trivia this evening.  Our staff also helped to paint nails and curled hair for our residents who are missing the beauty shop.  Our leadership team is working on planning a special doorway party for our residents on April 17.  We already have decorations, centerpieces and flowers for prom.  We decided to use them and have a Formal Friday Luncheon.  We are going to get all our residents dressed up and decorate the hallways like we would for our prom.  We will serve a fancier meal. We will also play some swing music over our PA system.  It is something fun that we can do during our time of social distancing.

I also wanted to thank all of you who have submitted words of gratitude to our staff.  I think they will really enjoy our celebration on Friday.  If you still would like to send me your words of thanks, please e-mail me



Sr. Heather Jean

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