Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


I have had some questions regarding our procedure for staff and residents if they have a fever.  If a staff member has a fever, they have been instructed to use IU Health’s virtual screen for Health Care Providers per the Indiana State Board of Health.  The nurse practitioner then sends me her diagnosis or other tests she is ordering.  The nurse advises if they need to call their primary care physician to get an order to be tested for COVID 19.  If they need to be tested, I call the State Board of Health to notify them that a screening is taking place and help our employees set up the test at Eli Lilly.  It takes 1-4 days to get the COVID 19 test back.  Any Staff member with a fever cannot return to work until they are released by a medical professional.  They are required to turn in to me a return to work note.


If our residents have a fever.  We notify Dr. Hurley.  We move them to an isolation room if they are in a shared room.  Dr. Hurley then orders tests to check to see if the person has a Urinary Tract infection, flu, pneumonia and finally for COVID 19.  All these tests take 24-96 hours to get back.  We treat symptoms until we have a firm diagnosis.  We limit the amount of people in the room to nursing management, nurses and CNA’S and practice standard infection control practices such as wearing masks, gowns and gloves.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  We currently do not have testing back yet for our resident or our staff member who are ill.  I will update you as I know more.


Today we had many window visitors, deliveries and video chats.  I enjoy seeing you when you come.  We will continue to have hallway activities throughout the coming week.  Know that I am holding each of you in my prayers as we continue to journey through this time together. 



Sr. Heather Jean

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