Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


Today was a beautiful day.  Spring is in the air.  We have a goose that has laid six eggs on the awning over our back door.  Our residents and staff have enjoyed watching momma goose build her nest and tend to her eggs.  It is exciting to see signs of spring and the gift of new life.   It will be fun to continue to watch her over the coming weeks and to see the baby geese once they are born.  Nature is a good reminder that life continues to move forward even as we slow down. 


We are in a good rhythm of mass, hallway exercise, family chats, rosary and hallway games. Everyone remains healthy.   We miss you and look forward to the day we open back up visitation.  Until then know that your loved ones are being well cared for and loved by our staff.  If you need anything, please let me know.  I can be reached at 317-213-8430 or



Sr. Heather Jean

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