Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families,


This weekend was our second weekend without any of you visiting.  St. Paul Hermitage is different without you.  Your loved ones are well, but we they are missing you.  I spent time visiting with many of our residents this weekend.  They have expressed that this time of social distancing is hard.  Last week we spent time focusing on what we are grateful for each day.  This week we are focusing on hope.  How do we remain hopeful in this new and different time?   How do we reach out and connect in new and different ways?  One of the ways that we have been trying to support our residents is to continue with engaging activities.  We have some new ideas for the coming week that I want to share.

·       Video Chat- We will continue with family video chats.  We are going to also offer video chats with other residents in our facility.  Some of them have expressed missing each other.  We are going to set video chats to allow them to connect to each other as well as with you.

·       Museum visits- Through our INTL we can connect to the museums that are offering virtual tours.  We will be taking those computers room to room for anyone who might want to virtually visit a museum.

·       Pen Pal Program- I have a friend in Chesterton, IN who is the Director of Nursing at Addison Pointe Rehab. We are going to invite residents from our facilities who want to participate to exchange letters.  This will provide an opportunity to reach out to someone else through letters.

·       Music- Many of our residents have expressed missing music activities.  We have staff who are going to provide hallway music and sing-a-longs this week.

·       Games- In addition to Hallway Bingo and Pokeno, we are going to try across the hall bowling and corn hole.

·       Spirituality- We will continue to have daily mass, rosary and weekly way of the cross on our in-house television network.

·       “State of the Union”- Each Monday I give weekly updates to our residents through our in-house television channel.  The have started calling it my “State of the Union” address.  This weekly event allows us to keep our residents informed and updated.

We are continuing to be creative about ways to keep everyone engaged.  I also wanted to let you know a couple of changes we have had to make due to COVID 19.  Our beauty shop is not open currently.  It was one of the areas that CMS said we had to close.  We are doing our best to make everyone look lovely in the interim.  I know our residents are missing the beauty shop.  The state also granted all Long-Term Care Facilities waivers on who can help provide can.  We can now train people to be Personal Care Assistants.  We are working on cross training some of our staff to be able to help with feeding, dressing, transferring and taking vital signs. The staff will be trained by one our Registered Nurses and will have to complete a skill check off before performing any tasks independently.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for allowing us to take care of your loved one.



Sr. Heather Jean Foltz, OSB

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