Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families,


At the end of Pope Francis’ general audience today, he invited the global community to join him in praying the rosary for the protection of or world and families.  He asked us to pray at 9:00 pm Italian time, which is 4:00 pm here.  Pope Francis asked every family, every member of the faithful, every religious community: to unite spiritually to pray for health for the sick.  We invited our residents who were interested in joining this global prayer event to tune into our in-house tv channel.  Sr. Anna Marie did a beautiful job of leading us through the Luminous Mysteries.  Our residents commented that it was nice to feel connected to the greater church.  It reminded me how much prayer unites us to one other and to the world.  It is a difficult time.  We miss having you visit our community at St. Paul Hermitage.  I received an e-mail from one of our family members, Therese Brandon with a way that our families could unite in prayer through Eucharistic Adoration.  EWTN has Eucharistic Adoration Channel on YouTube.  She is hoping to arrange a time that our St. Paul Hermitage family might be willing to offer a few minutes or an hour of adoration for COVID 19 and the world.  If you are interested, please contact her at  I am grateful for the many ways that we can connect during this time of visitation restrictions.


I have had several families ask for ways that they can help or if we need anything.  We have had several families wanting to use Facetime over skype.  The problem that we are encountering is that we only have one iPad.  I wanted to ask if anyone has an iPad used of new that they aren’t using.  This would help us to be able to connect more residents with their families.  If you have an iPad or know of someone who does, please contact me at or 317-213-8430.  I am looking into ways that we may be able to share videos and pictures in the future with each family.  If any of you have additional ideas on ways that we can connect to one another.  Please let me know.  It is a joy to serve you and your loved ones.



Sr. Heather Jean Foltz, OSB


St. Paul Hermitage

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