Dear St. Paul Hermitage Family Members,


Today we began implementing the newest regulations from ISDH.  Our community has been blessed by the graciousness with which our residents and families have embraced the changes that have come this week. Although it is hard, the well-being of our residents continues to be our top priority.  Fr. Mike and Fr. Stan con-celebrated mass today in the chapel with the faithful watching from the closed-circuit TV.  Sr. Anna Marie distributed communion to each resident.  It was a joy to be connected even though we were not all in the same room.  Our residents also enjoyed window visits from family members.  It has been great to see those of you who have come by.  Please remember to call us.  Calling ahead allows us to assist in getting your family member close to the window.  We had multiple Duo and Skype chats today.  If you would like to sign up for a chat time, please call 317-786-2261 ex. 248. We have had a family donate an iPad.  We will be able to use Facetime soon.  Staff and residents continue to be in good health.  We hope each of you are too.  I will close with some of the things are residents are grateful for today.  We have been sharing our joys and gratitude with each other to help us count our blessing during this difficult time.

·       Good Health

·       A new Day

·       Sunshine

·       Great Staff

·       Social Distancing Visits (some of our 3rd floor residents sat in their doorways to chat across the hallway)

·       Living here at St. Paul Hermitage

·       Family

·       Window Visits

·       Hidden stashes of Candy

·       My son bringing me groceries

·       That I am not sick just old

·       Being well loved by my family and St. Paul Hermitage Staff

·       The Blanket Warmer

·       My Health, St. Paul Hermitage and Rudy

·       Cable TV

·       Friendship

·       Our Good God

·       Friends, Family and the Benedictine Sisters

·       Good People who are keeping us well cared for in the midst of a pandemic

·       Birds to watch my window

·       The Love of God and one another


In Christs Peace,

Sr. Heather Jean

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