Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families,

Today was a day filled with many blessings.  Our residents have been enjoying a wide variety of activities.  I am grateful to our activity staff for adding extra group and 1:1 visiting to help our residents stay connected while we are without visitation.  We have had multiple families ask if they can come and look in the window of their loved one’s room.  You are more then welcome to peek in, but we ask that you call when you arrive to let us know that you will be looking through your loved one’s windows.  We have had a couple of staff members that have been frightened by knocks on the windows or peering faces.  We will even bring your loved one to the window to see you if you would like.  I know it is important for you to see that they are alright.  You can also connect with them via skype, phone or leaving packages at the main entrance of the building with the receptionist. 

 We are still in good health and virus free.  Residents temperatures are being taken each shift.  All staff and residents have passed their health assessments.  That is a truly a blessing.  We continue to share with one another what our greatest blessing has been that day.  I will share some of the answer in my weekend updates.  It is a good practice to name the things we are grateful for in difficult times.  Know that our Benedictine community gathers each morning and evening for prayer.  We are praying for you during this time of separation from your loved one and for your health.  We know that it is a sacrifice and one that we hope will help keep our residents safe.  Know that we hold sacred the trust you place in us to care for your loved one.  


In Christ’s Peace,

Sr. Heather Jean

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