Frequently Asked Questions

People have many questions about St. Paul Hermitage - we hope the following will help answer some you may have.  If not, please feel free to contact St. Paul Hermitage at 317-786-2261.




Do you have an Interest List?  


Yes.  Once you are financially approved by the Business Office, we will put your name on our Interest List.  Once you decide you are ready to come to St. Paul Hermitage, a physician’s form must be  completed.  A nurse will do a physical assessment to determine if we can meet your physical needs.  An Admissions Committee will then meet to discuss your admission.  If approved, you may be admitted as a resident of St. Paul Hermitage. 


Do you have to be Catholic?  


No.  We do have non-Catholic residents.  In fact, we now offer a monthly non-denominational service for those residents who wish to attend.


Do you have Mass every day?  


Yes, we daily Mass at 11:00 A.M.  Sunday Mass is at 10:30 A.M.


May I have a pet?  


No.  We are sorry, but personal pets are not allowed.


Do you have a Unit for Alzheimer’s residents?  


No.  Many of our Health Care residents have some form of dementia, which requires constant supervision.  Our facility is a secured facility.  We strive to provide programming which benefits those residents with dementia.


May I bring my own furniture?  


Yes, you need to bring your own furniture if you are moving into the residential area.


Do you provide transportation to doctor appointments?  


Yes.  There is a fee for this service.  Both a handicapped accessible bus and a car may be scheduled.


Is there an activity program?   


We are proud of our activity programs for both residential and healthcare unit.  It is varied, interesting, inclusive and rewarding for our residents.


May I have a refrigerator or a microwave in my room?   


Microwaves and refrigerators are included in all our accomodaitons.


Does one have to pay a deposit?    No.  


Does one sign over assets prior to admission? 


No. Contracts are on a month-to-month basis.


Do you offer nursing assistance to residents in Residential Section?  


Yes, on an as need basis.  There is a fee for such services.


May I have my own doctor? 


Yes, on our residential side.  


In our healthcare unit, because of State requirements, the physician must visit within the facility.  Few physicians now will visit facilities, however, our Medical Director and his staff will accept new patients.  We can refer you to a limited number of physicians willing to make on-site visits.


Do you offer Rehab. Services?  


Yes.  We offer physical, occupational and speech therapies.  It is Medicare reimbursed if ordered by your doctor.


May my family do my laundry?  


Yes, in residential or you may choose to do your own, or choose to utilize our laundry staff for this service for a fee.


In healthcare, family may do resident's personal laundry however, the cost of laundry services by our staff is included.


May I have my own car and come and go as I want?  


Yes, you may and we have plenty of parking spaces on the property.  However, we do not offer garages or carports.


Do I have to be dressed to go to the Dining Room and Chapel?  


In our residential area proper dress is appreciated.



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