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     This group of 25 dedicated volunteers that began contributing to St. Paul Hermitage in 1978, meets two times each year.  They operate the “Daisy Cart” each week.  This is a real convenience for our residents who can purchase tissues, laundry detergent, greeting cards and stamps, snacks, and many other necessities from the cart without having to leave the building.


     The Daisies sponsor an annual Christmas party and a picnic in the summer for the residents.  Both events are replete with luscious desserts, games and prizes. These events are highlights for the residents.


     Perhaps one of their greatest contributions is the gift of time – visiting our residents at the Daisy cart each week or stopping in to chat and ask about their day.  Just like the flower for which they are named, they bring beauty and sunshine and new life to St. Paul Hermitage!  We are grateful for their presence.  If you are interested in joining this group, please call 317-786-2261.



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