Hospice/End of Life Visitation during COVID 19

Policy Statement

St. Paul shall establish appropriate guidelines for visitors to try to prevent the transmission of COVID 19.

Policy Interpretation and Implementation

1.     Each resident who is receiving Hospice Services or End of Life care may have visits from immediate family members.  Immediate family is defined as a resident’s spouse, children, POA and Health Care Representative.


2.     Immediate family may visit once per week for two hours.  Family may visit in pairs of they choose to, but no more then two visitors at a time.

3.     Each family must provide to our Social Service Director or her designee a set schedule for family visitation.  The schedule should be e-mailed to social.services@stpaulhermitage.org by noon on Friday the week prior to when visitation is to occur.  Ex. Son # 1 will visit Monday from 8:00 am- 10:00 am.  Copies of the weekly schedule will be given to the DON, Unit Manager, HFA and Front Desk Receptionist.

4.     Family visitors are to enter the facility at the main entrance.

5.     All family visitors must be screened for COVID 19 symptoms and have their temperature taken prior to beginning their visitation time.  If COVID 19 symptoms are present or if a family member has a fever greater then 99.5, they will not be permitted to visit.  St. Paul Hermitage will follow CDC guidelines for determining when someone is eligible to return to visit after an illness.

6.     Upon entrance, family members are provided with education that may include an explanation of the facility’s infection control practices during visitation. This may include information pertaining to:

a.     Standard Precautions;

b.     Hand hygiene;

c.     Respiratory hygiene.

d.     Signs and symptoms of COVID 19.

e.     Personal protective equipment.

7.     Family Visitors are to wash their hands upon arrival, before entering a resident’s room and when leaving the facility. Sinks and ABHR are easily accessible to visitors.

8.     Family Visitors are instructed on proper cough etiquette/respiratory hygiene through signs posted throughout the facility.

9.     Family Visitors are to wear PPE while visiting their loved one.  This includes mask, gown, gloves, and goggles.

10.  Family Visitors are restricted to their family members room only.

11.  The Administrator, in conjunction with the Medical Director and Infection Preventionist, has the authority to restrict or ban facility visitation during COVID 19 outbreaks, whether these originate in the facility or in the community.

12.  Visitors must follow instructions from the DON or Charge Nurse on duty regarding facility infection control practices and visitation restrictions.

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