Ave Maria Guild


     This group of women bands together 4 times a year to conduct fundraisers to provide for that “extra something special” for the residents.  It might be an attractive fountain out front or a fresh coat of paint and new lighting for the library or patio furniture or even a donation for the staff Christmas party.


     Even before the Hermitage opened its doors in 1960, Mary Bass founded the Ave Maria Guild “to promote and to advance the welfare of St. Paul Hermitage.”  Made up of some 85 active and associate members, the Guild still meets today. 


     A number of the current members have or have had relatives as residents of St. Paul’s.  The Guild meets the second Tuesday of the month, they call weekly Bingo, they volunteer and they plan and execute Spring and Fall card parties and rummage sales with all proceeds going directly to the Hermitage.


      The Ave Maria Guild is always looking for new members and invites you to consider joining.  Obviously, dues are affordable but the rewards of being part of a small group of thoughtful people who make aging a little less hard is priceless. To join the Ave Marie Guild, please call us at 317-786-2261.

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