Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families,


Tomorrow we have seven staff members participating in the State of Indiana’s new Personal Care Attendant Course.  This is a new initiative that allows Long-term Care Facilities to utilize Care Attendants to assist our CNA’s during this time of the pandemic.  The PCA’s will be able to provide assistance to residents who need stand by or limited assistance with their activities of daily living.  They can also assist our CNA’s with residents who need extensive or total care.  I am really excited about this program.  It will help us to have additional caregivers to assist should we have staff on leave or ill.  We continue to prepare for the possibility of illness in our facility.  


At this time, we only have one staff member who has become ill with COVID 19.  I have had many questions regarding what department or area the staff member worked in.  I am not able to give out that information due to the individual’s privacy rights.  I can share that the staff member with COVID 19 was not a direct care giver and has not worked since March 27,2020.  Let us continue to pray for healing for our staff member and for the safety of our St. Paul Hermitage Community.


Today we began Holy Week.  Many of our residents watched Palm Sunday Mass on EWTN.  Sr. Susan Marie and I passed out palms to our residents.  It was strange not to celebrate as a community.  We are trying to find ways to help our residents celebrate Holy Week during this time of quarantine.  As I spent time reflecting this afternoon and reading today’s Passion account, I realized that we are living the Paschal Mystery as we live through this time.  We are in the process of moving through fear, isolation, loneliness and suffering to unity, healing, recovery and a renewal of life.  Out of this trial will come new life.  We are all being transformed during this time of quarantine.  May we continue to walk with God and each other as we journey the way of the cross this Holy Week.  Know that I long for the day when we can open our doors and receive you into our community once again.  It will be a true Easter celebration!



Sr. Heather Jean

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