Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


Today I thank God for more great news! The final staff test we were waiting for came back negative. I also received word that one of our three employees who has been out sick with COVID 19 has been released by her doctor to return to work. Let us continue to pray for those in our community and world who are sick with COVID 19. 


Today our residents enjoyed exercise and rosary. It was another beautiful day outside. We were able to have some patio time again today. Our residents really enjoy being able to get some fresh air. I have had some residents express concerns about only being able to be out in their own hallways and with the patio times being hallway based. The reason that our infection control committee has decided these parameters is to limit the risk of spreading germs from floor to floor. Nursing homes and Assisted Living facilities are at high risk for COVID 19 spreading because of our communal setting. By putting parameters on small group gatherings and activities with social distance, we hope to limit the risk of exposure. If your loved one expresses concerns about only being able to be out with residents on their floor, please remind them that it is an important part of our efforts to limit their risk of getting COVID 19. I long for the day when we can socialize freely, but we are not there yet. Thank you for helping to support out efforts in this area.


Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Know of my prayers for each of you. 




Sr. Heather Jean

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