Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


Today was a more difficult day of quarantine. It has been gray and rainy outside. We have had cabin fever inside. We miss our visitors and the ability to have residents outside of their rooms. We have been working on some creative ways to help with the rainy-day blues. We had 1:1 visiting, hallway trivia/sing a long, and we had snacks in the afternoon. Tomorrow it is going to be a sunny day. I am sure this will lift everyone’s spirits. On Sunday we are going to have a snow cone hallway party. We continue to embrace how we are feeling and are finding creative ways to engage your loved ones. The beautiful thing is that God speaks to us each day. This evening I was praying with one of our sisters in Health Care. I sang the song “Be Still” one of the songs that Sr. Mary Sue from my community wrote.


The words of her song speak to that message that God speaks to us throughout all of life.


Be Still and know that I am your God.

Listen and I will sing to you, 

Will ease the sorrow that darkens your mind 

And I will love you, love you

All through your life.


My life’s been a journey that’s covered some miles 

Sometimes I’ve cried and sometimes I’ve smiled,

But at each tiny moment if I could but hear,

The Lord my God was speaking gently to me.


God is speaking to us during this time of COVID 19. What is God saying to you this day? Know of my prayers for you. Let us continue to pray for one another and the world.



Sr. Heather Jean

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