Dear St. Paul Hermitage Families and Friends,


Happy Easter!!!  Today Easter felt different.  It was blessed, but it was different to not have a full chapel and dining room.  We missed your presence among us.  Our residents enjoyed visiting with you through phone calls, deliveries, window visits and virtual chats.  We were grateful for your presence in a variety of ways.  We look forward to a time when we can welcome you in with a warm embrace. 


Today I listened to Pope Francis’ Easter homily.   I was struck by how he talked about Christ’s resurrection in the light of our current worldwide health crisis.  He said that the resurrection is not a “magic formula that makes problems vanish; it is the victory of love over the root of evil. This victory does not by-pass suffering and death, but passes through them, opening a path in the abyss, transforming evil into good.”  It made me think about the many ways that I have seen love’s victory over our current situation in the past month.  I have seen love occur in our employees who are willing to help in any way needed at this time to serve our residents.  I see love occur in our residents’ patience and in the way that they have embraced alternative ways of dining, visiting and hallway activities.  I have seen it in each of you as you find alternative ways to show your love to your family member when you can’t physically touch them.  It has been a beautiful witness to me of love’s victory over suffering.  May we continue to find ways for love to occur in this Easter Season.  May we continue to pray for the health of our world and each other.


Easter Blessings,

Sr. Heather Jean

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